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Ultrasonic Spine Surgery

Amazing technological advances in spine surgery have occurred over the past few years. From the introduction of minimally invasive spine techniques to image guided surgery, Dr. Goldstein has been at the forefront of innovation.

Where appropriate, Dr. Goldstein is now performing spine surgery utilizing Ultrasonic spine instruments to provide enhanced precision and accuracy, along with reduced risk of soft tissue injury. Contact Dr. Goldstein to learn if Ultrasonic Spine Surgery may be an option for you.


The ultrasonic tool provides the ability to make large challenging osteotomies with ease without compromising safety. The speed to which the device cuts through bone accelerates operative times while improving the overall efficiency of the procedure. All of which is done with the confidence that critical structures will be preserved.

Bone Preservation

Ultimate control and precision, combined with a thin kerf, allow for cuts and maximize performance while preserving healthy bone. The BoneScalpel can preserve up to 66% of autograft bone with each cut, when compared to standard techniques.


The ultrasonic tool utilizes a non-rotational linear movement that provides tissue sparing effects giving users the confidence to go where they would otherwise be unable to go. Users can achieve greater resections in the vicinity of vital structures without compromise.

Dr. Goldstein has said “My practice of medicine has always been committed to providing the highest quality of care for our patients and using state-of-the-technology once its safety and efficacy has been demonstrated.”

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Spinal Expertise

Dr. Goldstein is recognized as one of the leading spine surgeons in New York. He is a Clinical Professore of Orthopedic Surgery and Neurosurgery at the NYU School of Medicine. His expertise is sought by television, media, and magazines. His practice is focused on surgical treatment:

2017 New York Magazine Best DoctorsDr. Jeffrey Goldstein was recognized again in 2019 as one of America's Top Doctors .

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Spine Surgery in New York

Dr. Goldstein serves as Director of the Spine Service at NYU Langone Medical Center Hospital for Joint Diseases.
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